Sunday Worship Services:
8:30 a.m. – Contemporary Worship
11:00 a.m. – Traditional Worship                            

Our 8:30 AM service is a relaxed modestly contemporary service.  Our praise band leads the worshipers in singing. Our Early Rejoicer (ER) Singers combine their voices to offer a song that touches on the theme for the day.  

Our 11:00 AM service is a traditional, liturgical service.  The Lutheran liturgy gives a sense of consistency week after week. Congregational singing is accompanied by our organ, and the Senior Choir offers an anthem each week.

Preaching in both services is Bible based and points to Jesus our Savior.  

Both of our worship services are designed to help and encourage people to grow in living their lives every day as followers of Jesus Christ.

Our worship services are ‘family time’.  These serve every week as a an opportunity for our church ‘Family’ to meet together and encourage one another as we head back out into our neighborhoods to let Jesus shine out through our words and actions to friends and neighbors throughout our community.   

Join the Praise Band

Do you like to sing or do you play an instrument?  Share your gifts and talents with God’s family to worship Him.  To learn more, contact Praise Band Director, Tom Maier for information.

Sr. Choir,  Bell Choir or Sign Language Choir

Do you like to sing or would you like to participate in bell choir?  You don’t have to be experienced in either in order to join.  This is a ministry where friendships begin and we grow together.   To learn more, contact Sr. Choir Director, Kathy White or Bell Choir Director, Linda Eick after a service and introduce yourself.  We look forward to welcoming you.  We have a new choir, Sign Language Choir called ‘In His Hands’,  Interested, connect with Linda Eick after services for more information.