………………………….. St. Paul Servant-Sentinel Newsletter ………………………….

St. Paul Lutheran School
31 Washington Ave.   Batavia, New York
Volume 17 Number 3    September 21, 2017

Sep 26 – Open House and 1st FOLKS meeting 6:30 pm
Oct 6 – FIELD TRIPS – Grades 2-5 to Genesee Country Village and Pre-K and Grades K-1 to Roanoke Apple Farm
Oct 9 – NO SCHOOL – Columbus Day Holiday
Oct 11 – Walk-a-thon School Fundraiser
October 17-18 – School Pictures Taken


At the opening day chapel service your child received a chapel change container.  Please help your child fill it with change and bring it in every Monday for our offering.  During the months of September, October, and November we’ll be collecting chapel change to benefit hurricane relief efforts.  We had a very generous offering this week.


A representative of Tops Markets will be at our Open House and FOLKS meeting on the 26th ro explain about the Tops in Education program.  They will be signing up Tops card members that night (you won’t have to go on-line to do it) so you need to have your Tops Bonus card with you to sign up.  This could mean some extra income for our school, so please consider joining up if you shop at Tops.


We will again be offering a banking/savings program through Lutheran Church Extension Fund.  Mr. Porter, the district vice president for LCEF will also be at our FOLKS meeting to explain the program.  Mrs. Weicher will be acting as our banker on Thursday mornings.  The money saved is used by LCEF to loan to churches and schools of the Lutheran Chruch Missouri Synod who are doing building programs.  It’s a great program so make sure you come to find out!


There was an orange sponsor form in your child’s folder last week.  We will be having our walk-a-thon on October 11.  Please see if you can find some sponsors for your child and help us meet our fundraising goal for this year!


The permission form for grades 2-5 is in today’s folder.  Please read it carefully and return it on or before the date indicated.