St. Paul Servant-Sentinel
St. Paul Lutheran School
31 Washington Ave.   Batavia, New York
Volume 17 Number 12   December 14, 2017


January 15 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day  – NO SCHOOL
January 17  – FOLKS Meeting 6:30 pm
January 28 – Children Sing in Worship 8:30 am
January 29-Feb. 2 – National Lutheran Schools Week
Feb. 2  – End of the second marking period
February 3  –  School Fundraising Auction  
February 5-8  – After School Parent teacher conferences 
February 16  –  Amerks’ game (watch for a flier from FOLKS) 
February 19-21  –  Presidents’ Day Break  NO SCHOOL



There was a packet of information about this special week in last week’s folders.  There is something special going on each day, a different way to dress each day, and a small gift to bring each day.  We’re going to share the joy of our celebration!  Please read everything carefully and help your child participate!



Please pay special attention to the flier about our school auction on February 3.  We are asking that ALL families participate by providing something for this massive fund raiser.  Please consider a gift card, gift certificate from a favorite local business, a themed basket, or a general cash donation to help make this a success.  We are changing the format a little, doing a live auction for only 75 to 80 items and doing the rest of the items in a silent auction.  In the past it has been a very long evening and we want to make sure it is fun for everyone and we all get home at a reasonable time.  Please consider helping in any way you can.



Our offerings this month and during February will be given to Lutheran World Relief, an organization that provides help for the poor around the world.  LWR has one of the best track records for the use of donations, using nearly all of the money donated for direct relief.  Very little is used for promotion and administration.  Bring those filled chapel change containers every Monday!